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Hi. My name is Tim Kovak and I'm your author. For those of you that dont know me quite yet I love most all sports, poker, tattoos, writing and am a zombie enthusiast. How does this qualify me to write a blog on baking? Well aside from the writing part it really doesn't. But along with Melissa Kovak the head baker and decorator at The Sparky Noodle Bakery, Co., I own the bakery. And this blog is intended to give you a look at bakery life from a different perspective, that of a baking layman. I'm the one in the top picture, you know, the one eating the pie rather than baking it. But I'm hoping this blog can accomplish a couple of things; help you guys to get to know myself and the bakery a little bit better, join all levels of bakers in fun converstions, for myself to learn a little bit about baking from you guys and finally to share our journey as The Sparky Noodle Bakery, Co. continues to grow.
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